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Do we really use our Brain?

Hi, my today’s blog name may sound funny actually it is. 

Preservation means collection that we all do may be of food, money, property or good . what about the brain and why we are not using it? we are doing our regular activities like walking, driving, eating and meeting all these things are the proof that we are using our brain..Right but as the human what separates us from other creature!!

A conscious act towards our surrounding what makes us different from other creatures. our humanity includes Love, Kindness, Forgiveness but all these are limited to our loved ones. If anything negative happens to us what we do except vomiting negativity towards negative, I can understand toxic situations but why we do not analyze the situation or we don’t care about. 

Why we hesitate to put our opinion towards anything? Being judgemental over everything may not set you free because something really unexplainably exists with us! but analyzing the situation and having a point of view totally based on your intellect must be there at least.

The motive of writing the blog is just that “Don’t Follow Everything Blindly”, Use your own intellect or if you are not aware of the issue just say ‘ I don’t know’ no big deal.





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waiting for Living..

Hello Beautiful souls:)

waiting is something that we all do, whether standing in long queues or expecting something big from life. But have you ever felt that something is resisting you that kind unlabeled sort of energy and emotion? we usually ignore and try to convince that we are fine but deep inside we are not! what can we do, yes this is the point we think we are helpless or clueless even we are if we talk about the future but at the same time living with an illusion of future. It is important to think about when it comes to planning but giving everything just because we think someday will this happen and will be like this. is it right! Think about it….and try to be present at present.

Just a thought…..



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And everything falls to…

Dear readers, Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂 don’t forget to admire everything which surrounds you. well, I know the title of the blog is slightly mysterious . have you ever thought like that every situation has so many phases and we only see one or maybe two prospective but real is Truth only, we think we know the truth really!

The journey of everything started with the first step no matter where you go or from where are you what matters then, Where are you Now matters! but most of us see our happiness either in Past or in Future. Without knowing we developed or developing the habit of complaining. What is the complaint? we all do whether minor or major one. But if we talk about the act of complaint, it is when we refuse to accept the situation as it is.

It always depends on the type of complaint that we do. some complaints make sense and some are just time killers! but at the end, either Acceptance or Change can resolve our problems. Whenever we complain a negative emotion and feeling we feel and that accumulates & at the end destroys our conscious state of mind.

Every situation comes with the solution. But our mind is furious & creative that it creates an illusion of past and future which we believe is real and accordingly we react. what is the solution then….the solution is Denying. yes denying is not a good habit but when it comes to your inner peace and mental health it is the only solution. Resist the Resistance. Practically it is a continues to practice and all it needs as the act of consciousness.

Don’t be in Hurry all the time! take your time to analyze whenever you tend to be an angry bird because someone just blamed you, playing with your emotions and so on. No Reaction is also kind of Reaction. Time is priceless try to think that whatever the worry is it worthy first of all then act according to that. When it becomes your habit it will fill with positive energy. This is only applicable we about to complain or already doing and everything is happening inside your head.

Be the Silent watcher of your mind and observe as much as you can only then you will start to differentiate that most of the thinking is just a wastage. Self -analysis is very important and with that clarity comes. All we need a clarity to move forward and so as to avoid repetition of past mistakes.

I hope you find my thoughts helpful.



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Choose to be Free ..It’s 2018 Now

It’s 2018 now, mysamt wishes you a very happy new year and luck. we know that 2017 is gone the calendar and date have been changed. The celebration is everywhere we are sending messages and you know that typical sort of messages. But.. apart from all this what’s new in this new year? when the celebration is over and finally it ‘s time to be with yourself again, are we the same? same feelings or regrets!

sometimes we do think that I wish, I could do that or why not that happened at that time. Again the same complaints and feelings then what’s new. we often try to manipulate ourselves or sugar coat thing just to convince our self.

But that doesn’t really work that’s the exact reason that why things are not that it should be. Hard to accept still. we say we don’t have the time or may be trying to keep yourself busy isn’t. I think so..but we have time to feel about every damn thing that can really switch our mood.

Who wants to unhappy or sad then why we hold so much of data in terms of feelings, negativity, expectations and so on why can’t we think to trash all this and make a space for new memories the better we is it too tough to be comfortable with yourself Is it so?

Leave everything that holds you back and accepts everything that adds shine to your aura.  Choose to be free!! from negativity, Ego and Expectations instead of that try to find the positive you that don’t require any day for celebration. If we are happy every moment we celebrate.

Don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy. Don’t look for happiness better try to be happy with yourself.

Have a great year ahead


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A little dose of Motivation…

Motivation is something which keeps us moving forword whatever we do in Life . Motivation starts internally but when we are busy working on them we do feel less motivated! sometimes we do give up just because of lack of motivation. Here are few quotes i am sharing with you , which really worked for me . have a look…

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.Only I can change my life.    Carol Burnett

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.    Robert H. Schuller

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.        Rabindranath Tagore

After a storm comes a calm.        Matthew Henry

A will finds a way.         Orison Swett Marden

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got.    R. Brault

Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less.”                            Marie Curie

The more we come out and do good to others, the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them.                               swami vivekananda

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.       Unknown



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Achievable Goals for 2018 :-)

What is the goal? whenever we hear this term what we think! if we talk about generally, a goal something which we want to achieve that requires a lot of patience and persistence. Whenever we picturize the goal the scene is really full of sweat and Hard work. We all are aware of the worth after achieving the goal.

But for those who really believe in the moment or not having that much patience level for them, the answer to the goal is confusion or misery. We often forced to think like Big Dreams and the goal must be Bigger and Bigger that’s right but if we are not ready for Big ones why not small goals.

Small goals ya why not! that goal which takes less time and less focus so that the confusion end in a way. At least we will not be aimless then. When we achieve our baby goal that fills our heart with a different sort of positive energy. Give a try maybe that works for you too

Sometimes it is ok to choose the easy, not every worthy thing needs the toughest way.It’s cool if we are happy you know it’s better to have a small achievable goal rather than being aimless. Here I am sharing basic achievable goals and if your goal is not one of them and tries to find your own baby goals.

Shedding Few kilos or gaining

I am not talking about a drastic weight loss. Nowadays internet is flooded with those fitness videos. If you want to see yourself fit and fabulous but can’t stick to any diet or Gyming. In that case, if we only aim to lose few kilos via avoiding that extra thing and soft drinks or coffee replaced with Water, then we can shed that few kilos seriously! It feels good to try no..same goes with Weight gain.


Language sometimes acts as a barrier. In some cases, we know everything but we can’t express. who says you must be perfect in everything. Try to improve vocab by music or articles of your choice the translate every word that you use on regular basis. Take the initiative for yourself it’s never too late and remember Something is always better than Nothing!


Ask yourself why we afraid to take the decisions in daily life. we do seek advice from friend, family and in many cases, we are fine with everything. why can’t we take that few small decision like what to wear, what to order? Suggestions are good but try not to take favors every time!  Build this small habit.


It’s ok to have an opinion and when you don’t know something try not to comment anything it’s fine. opinion can be in a movie too it’s fine if a flop movie is your favorite one. Try to have your own opinion on smalls thing which happens in regular daily life. Don’t follow anything blindly.

Forgive Yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Yes, don’t keep blaming yourself or if you can’t stop then ask yourself till then! I can understand it’s not always easy to let go but tell me one thing is blaming yourself ok? It’s ok we are humans, but we can forgive and try not to repeat that again.

Be Happy

It’s not that tough, I guess. Happiness within doesn’t depend on anyone to make you smile. instead of that be the one, who can make anyone smile. It’s amazing and the most important part is it feels good.

I mentioned few basic easy goal that we achieve for ourselves and keep yourself Happy:)

Happy Reading


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WE Know Nothing About Anything…

Mysamt wishes you a very happy New year in advance 🙂

A year passed another year is waiting for us. We make plans and stuff like we gonna do this or that, if planning is successfully executed then we are Happy or somehow if not we start blaming. Blaming someone or something is the cake walk for us! right, but what we get from that. 

Let us see everything from a different point of view from life’s point of view. we heard about so many things or we do face them on daily basis. Nothing is permanent, right 

True no doubt, nothing is permanent because everything has a specific life spam i,e. time from birth to Death and we are not sure about that too. Then why we blame, technically it’s not right but we can’t take the charge of everything completely, yes I understand. 

instead of blaming we can choose our action wisely towards everything, this is what we can do because like I said we know nothing about Anything. But we can control our action so that there is no need to blame anything. 

Initially, it will take time to build this practice in your life but with that, you can welcome the peace in your life at the of the day we need peace right! Don’t feel bad about yourself or Regret over past it’s gone. Focus on what is coming your way with more clarity of actions.

Be joyful, wherever you go;)