What is karma?

´┐╝ Bhagwatgita, the Holy book taught us the meaning and depth of karma. We often come across to this term directly or indirectly but without getting fully engaged to this process karma, we are just following the common beliefs it’s my advice to you guys please don’t do that. Try to understand everything by your […]

Importance of important…

Hey friends ­čÖé I heard┬áfrom so many people that success is sweet, the goal of the life must be big enough etc. but the moment we fail in something everything suddenly┬ábecomes meaningless for us, right! whether┬áit’s a relationship, Job, Health or whatever. Tough days always teaches us the best lesson the moment we fail and […]

Do we really use our Brain?

Hi, my today’s blog name may sound funny actually it is.  Preservation means collection that we all do may be of food, money, property or good . what about the brain and why we are not using it? we are doing our regular activities like walking, driving, eating and meeting all these things are the […]

waiting for Living..

Hello Beautiful souls:) waiting is something that we all do, whether standing in long queues or expecting something big from life. But have you ever felt that something is resisting you that kind unlabeled sort of energy and emotion? we usually ignore and try to convince that we are fine but deep inside we are […]

And everything falls to…

Dear readers, Have a beautiful day ahead ­čÖé don’t forget to admire everything which surrounds you. well, I know the title of the blog is slightly mysterious . have you ever thought like that every situation has so many phases and we only see one or maybe two prospective but real is Truth only, we […]

Choose to be Free ..It’s 2018 Now

It’s 2018 now, mysamt wishes you a very happy new year and luck. we know that 2017 is gone the calendar and date have been changed. The celebration is everywhere we are sending messages and you know that typical sort of messages. But.. apart from all this what’s new in this new year? when the […]

A little dose of Motivation…

Motivation is something which keeps us moving forword whatever we do in Life . Motivation starts internally but when we are busy working on them we do feel less motivated! sometimes we do give up just because of lack of motivation. Here are few quotes i am sharing with you , which really worked for […]